Learning Futures

The Strathcona Centre for Learning Futures deals with some big questions:

  • How should young people approach career selection?
  • What skills will serve them well in the future employment market?
  • How can young people shape their careers?
  • What does the future of work look like to a sociologist?
  • How does someone build a business?
  • What does a neuroscientist have to say about how non-verbal communication shapes our careers?
  • How to avoid your career dominating your life.

These have all featured strongly in previous events at the Strathcona Centre for Learning Futures. We aim to help students connect with experts in the future to help them find a bigger purpose in their studies than simply completing school and gaining access to a university course. The futures we are considering are filled with hope and have vital roles for young people to play as they help to shape the future.

Each term there is a new event, exploring a new theme with a new presenter. Each event is designed for a broad audience.

To read about some of the past events :

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Strathcona Centre for Learning Futures


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