Thank You

Thank you to all those who have already supported our Green Evolution Appeal, which will help us to purchase game changing, IoT Technology, saving hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Your support means the planet to us!

Penny Allen

Sarah & Jeanette Carrington

Thomas and Sinead Howard

Olivia and Stuart Giglia

Joseph Bainbridge

Lorraine Baker

Cindy Barnes

Sesto Cairo

Jia Cao

Marion Cape

Kah Chune Wong

Claire Curl

Alistair Dobson

Strathcona Family Association

Christopher Fluke

Jocelyn Furlan

Eliza Goding

Kathleen Grey

Kathy Grimmett

Tracy Herft

Kerry Horan

Jodie Hynes

Marie Kotsanis

Michelle Kozul

Soo Kyung Yang

Tania Large

Patricia Lee

Kate Levi

Diana Little

Laura Loftus

Polimin Lukito

Marise McConaghy

Craig McConaghy

Laura McConaghy

Angus McConaghy & Isabella Dinale

Elspeth McConaghy & Lachlan Woods

Karyn Murray

Natalie Olver

Amanda Orgill

Michelle Pearce

Ross Phillips

Kate Plowman

Virginia Prior

Sandra Rigo

Peter Robinson

Sarah Russell

Fiona Soames

India and Marlie Sowden

Kim Stone

Adrian Tang

John Taylor

Bay Tran

Peter Vasta

Evelyn Voshege

Petalyn Walker

Peter and Megan Wallbridge

Satish Warrier

Paul Wheelton AM

Jo Wilson

Vicky Xu

Simon Zanati

Anna Zheng

Jiaan Zhou

7 Anonymous Donors

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