Macca the Alpaca

During Term 1, the Prep girls unit focused on drawing and using different mediums to produce their illustrations. One story that inspired their art making was Macca the Alpaca. The girls determined the different shapes they needed to draw for their Alpaca’s and they then used pastel resist to add colour. They really enjoyed making their alcohol ink backgrounds which they weaved together to complete this artwork.





Mixed Media Scarecrow

During Term 2, the Prep girls explored collage and mixed media in their lessons. They produced a scarecrow artwork which combined a variety of different skills in its production. When developing the background the girls used pastel resist to create their interpretation of a grassy meadow and added flowers by using a sponging technique. The scarecrow was completed in parts and included drawing, painting and fabric collage to bring these delightful characters to life.

Teddy Bear Sculpture

During Term 3, the Prep girls explored sculpture and learnt how to create three dimensional forms. After developing observational drawings of a teddy bear sitting in a chair the girls then set about using Magiclay to create a sculptural representation. During this process the girls learnt to pinch and pull their modelling medium to create facial features and arms and used scissors to cut the Magiclay to form legs. They really enjoyed adding colour as their final step for their artwork with watercolour paints.

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