Year 3

Bird Collograph Prints

During Term 1, the Year 3 girls explored printmaking. They began the unit by investigating what printmaking was and then explored their subject matter for their printing plate which was birds. Once they had completed their illustration of their chosen bird, they then used a variety of materials such as corrugated card, lace, doilies and brown card to create collages of their feathered friends that focused on using different textures. Once complete the plates were sealed and then the girls learnt how to apply ink and printed their birds onto paper through a press. The girls then wrote their artist statements and assisted eachother in the filming of them.

Felted Creatures

During Term 2, the Year 3 girls explored wet felting. They learnt how to make multi layered balls using merino wool tops that became the eyes when cut open. The girls then designed the bodies of their creatures by cutting pre felt into different shapes and they learnt how to felt the two sides of their body together. A balloon was then used with boncrete to create the three dimensional form. The girls also had lots of fun making the additional parts of their creatures such as ropes and sushi rolls to add components like legs, eyebrows, horns, and tongues.

Pendulum Paintings

During on campus lessons in Term 3 and 4, the Year 3 girls explored the notion of movement in Art where they investigated artists that make kinetic artwork and those that use movement in their process. In particular, they inquired into artist Tom Shannon who constructs large pendulums controlled by a remote. The girls then had an opportunity to plan their own pendulum painting. They first painted their background colour and then decided on the colours they would pour into the pendulum bottle to create their pattern. They soon realised that the way they swung the pendulum determined the design on their board.

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