Year 4

Mandala Boxes

During Term 1, the Year 4 girls investigated pattern. They explored many artists that use pattern in their work including Anni Albers, Sarah Morris and Daniel Buren. In small groups and as a whole class they discussed what made patterns effective and then set about making patterns with different tactile objects. The girls then inquired into mandalas. They watched how a mandala is made by Tibetan monks and looked at different artists interpretations. Using an online digital application, they explored the development of their own mandala. After all this research the girls then on a vector program produce their own mandala designs that were then cut out of boxes using a Cricut.

Steam Punk Masks

During Term 2, the Year 4 girls explored the Steampunk movement. They used thinking routines to investigated different artwork inspired by Steampunk and began to develop an understanding of this style. The girls then in their visual diaries designed their own masks and used these illustrations as reference when beginning construction. The girls learnt how to combine different materials in the development of the composition of their masks where the use of different textures created visually striking results. When complete the masks were painted and a metallic finish was applied. The girls then learnt the fundamentals of parallel circuits and used copper tape and LED stickers to apply one to a part of their finished mask.

Soft Sculpture Dolls

During on campus lessons in Term 3 and Term 4 the girls explored the work of artist Mirka Mora. In particular, they completed a thinking routine around one of her soft sculpture dolls and discussed her style of art making. The girls then developed hybrid animal designs where they were encouraged to use reference imagery to inform their drawings. Once they finalised their illustration, they transferred this to calico and used fabric paints to block in the main colours. The girls then used posca markers to add texture and for finer details and they also learnt how to sew buttons. The soft sculpture was then stuffed, and the girls hand sewed the opening.




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