Year 6

Mixed Media Portraits

During Term 1, the Year 6 girls researched and investigated the work of Hannah Hoch who is best known for her collages as a German Dada artist. They found her work fascinating and it sparked rich conversations around the messages she was portraying in her work and the rarity of a female artist during this movement. The girls then set about photographing themselves and some opted to use an iPad app called Artset to alter some of their portraits. These images were then cut out and rearranged into a new composition inspired by the focus artist. To complement their new portrait they used magazine cutouts to create bodies and materials like beads and cords to complete their mixed media pieces.

Clay Birds

During Term 2, the Year 6 girls developed their skills with clay. They began by learning how to construct a double pinch pot form and some students went on to turn this sphere into a dragon where they honed their capabilities when using an illustrated idea and creating it three dimensionally. Also, during this unit, the girls learnt how to make birds from terracotta clay. This involved them understanding how to pinch and pull details from their main form, how to join clay and they also learnt to add patterned texture to the clays surface. These birds were then hung together like a wind chime.

Legacy Project

During Term 4, the Year 6 girls embarked on a legacy project. In groups they designed a mushroom sculpture that combined painting and mosaicking. The girls were very creative when determining what colours, shapes and theme they would pursue. These sculptures will be installed in the Junior School garden and will represent the 2021 Year 6 cohorts prinmary school journey. Below are some photographs showing their art making process for this project.


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